W-3 has successfully completed more than 25,000+ projects, including 15,000+ renovations and new construction projects in occupied areas.  We use leadership, team work and communication to create a working environment that meets our customer needs.  We will deliver reliable services in a timely manner.  W-3 is ready to serve you and our customers with a choice of project delivery systems.  Our recommendation of project delivery is based upon the level of involvement from the client, budget and delivery dates.  W-3 will assist and is ready to serve you with the following choices of project delivery systems.

Our Delivery Systems

Construction Management
We partner closely with the architect/designer of your choice, while providing the leadership required to successfully build your facility.

General Contracting
Our qualified trades persons, superintendents and quality subcontractors collectively provide the resources and services to meet our client’s general contracting needs.  We deliver your renovated, remodel or new building with little     or no interruption in daily routine. We offer and have provided turnkey project     services and specialize in fast-tracked and phased construction in occupied areas, as well as new construction.

We take your idea or plan for a new building and/or addition and assemble a core team, our staff, proven architect/designer, and you to provide services that will assist you in the approval of a final design, budget and other requirements.  With our subcontractor’s relationships we provide competitive trade prices based on a thorough understanding of the work scope, cost controls implemented while working closely with the team to ensure the highest quality at the most reasonable price.  With the team, focus on proactive supervision as well as good communication between all team members your project becomes a positive experience with minimum involvement from the owner.