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Browse our portfolio of client projects below.  No project is too big or too small for W-3 Construction Company...

Presidents Conference Room Renovation BCBS Park Interiors
BCBS Presidents Conference Rm Renovation   . BCBS Park Interiors                                                Cobo Hall Deck Replacement

Chrysler Trenton Data Center DTE Substation
Chrysler Trenton Data Center                                Chrysler Trenton Plant Data Center                       DTE Substation

GM Flint Project

Detroit Public Schools Home Depot
GM Flint Project                                                     Detroit Public Schools                                            Home Depot Project

DTE Substation DTE Tahoe Henry Ford
DTE Substation                                                      DTE Tahoe                                                            Henry Ford Hospital

Detroit Diesel Stainless Steel Lobby Detroit Diesel State Police Information Center
Detroit Diesel Stainless Steel Lobby                     MTU Detroit Diesel Building                                  State Police Information Counter

UAW GM Human Resources Water UAW GM Human Res BLG
UAW GM Human Resources Water Wall              UAW GM Human Resources Building                   State Police Interior Offices

Wanye County SecurityWayne County People TramRemodeled Cafeteria
Wayne County Airport Security Badging Rm        Wayne County Airport People Tram Station          Remodeled School Cafeteria

Fed reserve Banl ChicagoFederal Reserve Bank ChicagoRemodeled Classrooms
Federal Reserve Bank Chicago District                 Federal Reserve Bank Chicago District                Remodeled School Classrooms

Industrial ConstructionIndustrial RestorationIndustrial Southfield Transfer
Industrial Construction Site                                    Industrial Restoration of Water Reservoir             Southfield Transfer Station Exhaust